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Gemstones Can Change Your Destiny

Gemstones Can Change Your Destiny

Jyotish is known as The Science of Light as it allows us to see clearly. One with this great vision, is known as a Rishi; a great seer. It is said and understood that a Rishi can change his stars.

With heightened clarity and expanded consciousness state, we are able to understand the flow of our lives, and the laws of nature at play. Through this we are to shift our actions and energy to align a greater evolutionary response. It is by this process we cultivate our destiny. The future comes towards us, based on the state we hold in the present.

A Rishi can truly change their destiny, and the beautiful tools we have as yoga technology, enables us to elevate ourselves to that status of one who can see clearly. One of these tools being sacred jyotish gemstones, especially when worn appropriately and intentionally.

It is important to understand that the stone itself is not directly changing our destiny, but supporting and refining our consciousness state, which will in turn change our destiny. There is a beautiful dance, between the tools we have, and the integration of our internal state. Weaving the two together, wisdom and experience, we continue to elevate and life becomes an enriching evolution.

To wear a gemstone, is to support our true nature. Our true nature is the experience of unity, and the all knowing essence of a Rishi. Their impact is profound on correcting the intellect, refining our energy and creating a strong radiance that streams outward from within.

In my experience, when putting on my own jyotish gemstones I noticed shifts within my behavior and psyche that created new patterns in my life, and through this, new opportunity. Experiences like a natural deepening in gratitude sprang forth and through this finding richer value in the details of life. A sense of inner stability and support for my nervous system brought clarity in decision making, which allowed for more supportive choices. And an overall sense of wellbeing enabled me to follow through on my intentions rather than leaving them as ideas on the level of thought.

Ultimately, you are the one who changes your destiny, but these sacred tools of gemstones are a part of that integrated and necessary support system. Destiny is based on the consciousness state, and the consciousness state is elevated through the use of yoga technology and gemstones.

Learning about Vedic Gemstones and Understanding How They Are Used

Vedic gemstones are precious and semi precious natural gemstones from the Earth. They are used to enhance and support planetary energies within our lives, as according to our individual birth chart. Vedic gemstones are referred to as Ratna’s, and they are one of the primary remedies or ‘upayas’ in Vedic Astrology.

They are used to elevate one’s overall wellbeing but magnetizing and magnifying a high value presence of planets that are supportive in an individual's jyotish chart.

Each gemstone holds the potency and vibration of its corresponding planet. They have the ability to infuse the wearer with those qualities. To wear a Vedic gemstone, is to enhance the presence of the planet, refine your understanding of it’s highest invitation, and then radiate it outward into the experience of your life. Each planet has a corresponding precious and semi precious gemstone. And as they are worn for very specific reason, there is a potent and prescribed way of wearing each stone. Including the way in which the stone is set, metal it must be set in, and the finger it is worn on. We recommend that each stone for Jyotish purposes are of at least 2 carats. And the deeper and clearer the stone, the stronger it’s potency.

The Vedic gemstones are to be set in such a way that the back is open, so the light may shine through the stone, and hit your skin directly beneath. The light activates the stone and is transmuted through the stone’s energy, moving into direct contact with you. As mentioned, each stone has a finger related to a planet, but on the left hand is a more internal embodiment, while wearing the stone on the right will be a more outward experience.

The following is each planet and it’s stones as well as the finger it should be worn on.

Sun: Ruby or Garnet

Finger: Ring Finger

Setting: Yellow Gold

Moon: Pearl or Moonstone

Finger: Pinky.

Setting: Silver or White Gold

Mars: Red Coral or Carnelian

Finger: Ring Finger.

Setting: Yellow Gold

Mercury: Emerald or Jade

Finger: Pinky.

Setting: Yellow Gold

Venus: Diamond or Clear Quartz

Finger: Middle

Setting: Platinum or Silver

Jupiter: Yellow Sapphire or Yellow Citrine

Finger: Index

Setting: Yellow Gold

Saturn: Blue Sapphire or Amethyst

Finger: Middle

Setting: White Gold or Silver

Rahu: Hessonite or Agate - worn on the dispositor finger.*

Ketu: Cat’s Eye or Tiger’s Eye - worn on the dispositor finger.*

*As Rahu and Ketu do not have a finger, they can be worn on the finger of the planet whose sign they are placed in.

Vedic gemstones are a supremely supportive technology for the experience of unity and alignment with nature. They are used in harmony with one’s highest evolution and truly imbue the wearer with an elevated frequency. The Sattva Jyotish Gems are hand-dipped in the Mother Ganga infused with its sacredness and divine intention.

Written by Vedic Astrologer Dalia Gencher

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