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Which stone is best for health & vitality

Which stone is best for health & vitality

There are certain stones that have a beautiful correspondence with health and vitality due to the nature of the planet they are associated with. For example Surya and Mangala; Sun and Mars are representative of Health, energy, stamina, and physical wellbeing within Jyotish. So naturally, the stone’s will have that corresponding value as a supplement for that planet's energy.

This said, wearing those stones may not actually be suitable for an individual to wear. The method we use to prescribe gemstones is based on the houses of one’s birth chart; strengthening the areas of dharma within one’s chart. But there is a distinct difference between strengthening a house and supporting it. For the case of certain houses, that may indicate challenge or physical imbalance, we want to strengthen, not support or magnify. In these experiences, it is best to use other remedies like mantra, dana, and kriya.

What stone may support health and vitality in one, may actually trigger a house of challenge in another, and in turn not be best for that overall wellbeing. So we can never say a blanket rule, but rather honor the unique individuality of each soul.

This said, supporting the Lagna Lord; the planet with governance over the ascendant can really support one’s health and vitality. The Lagna is representative of the physical individual and their constitution. The method by which we recommend stones suggests we give gems for the lagna, 5th and 9th house. So supporting the Lagna planet with a stone, is wonderfully supportive, especially for one’s health!

The avasta or status of a Lagna Lord will guide us to seeing how much support one needs for their wellbeing. If the Lagna lord is in a strong position and friendly sign, it may not require as much stabilizing as would a Ruling planet placed in the 6th house of illness and recovery, or in it’s debilitated sign.

If the Lagna is strong, yet one is needed to support their health and vitality, it would be wise to look at the position of the planet that relates to that health condition. For example Saturn relates to the knees, Venus the reproductive organs and fluids. So if in alignment with the general rule of the dharma trine for prescribing gems, the stone for that planet can be worn as well. In Jyotish we see nothing as weakness, but as an invitation to evolve. Everything is an opportunity to realize our higher divinity. And these sacred tools, support for the journey.

Written by Vedic Astrologer Dalia Gencher

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