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The Basis on How Gemstones are recommended.

The Basis on How Gemstones are recommended.

In the sacred science of Jyotish, one of the primary 'Upayas' or remedies is to wear 'Ratnas' or gemstones. 

Each of the 7 planets we use in Jyotish, as well as the 2 lunar nodes have corresponding gems. An individual can wear these to enliven and magnify that energy within their life. The stones act as a supplement to enhance that planets presence in our life, while simultaneously refining it's expression. 

Due to the nature of the gemstones, and their ability to magnify the presence of that planet within our lives, we prescribe gemstones in a way that will draw out and highlight the most positive aspects of one's birth chart. We want to accentuate the light. 

A Jyotish will look at one's birth chart and recommend a stone or stones for the 1st, 5th, and 9th houses. These are known as the Dharma Bhavas. The 3 of 12 houses that hold the motivation of alignment with nature. These 3 houses are always considered supportive in one’s chart and so we recommend the stone that will draw more of this potential into one’s life. 

The Gems are prescribed based on the ruler of those houses; meaning the planet that rules the sign or Rashi placed in that house. For example, an individual with Aries Ascendant or 'Meesh Lagna' will have Leo or 'Simha' in their 5th house, and Sagittarius or 'Dhanu' in their 9th. The planets ruling this trine are Mangala (Mars), Surya (Sun) and Braspati (Jupiter) respectively. So we would recommend Red Coral, Ruby and Yellow Sapphire.  

The first place we look to strengthen is the ascendant, especially if the Lagna Lord; planet ruling the ascendant is in a position that requires support. The Lagna is the physical being, it is you yourself. So supporting the Lagna can be supremely beneficial to wear if one's health is afflicted, and for supporting the individuals wellbeing in a holistic sense.

 The 5th house Lord supports our relationships and creative gifts. It acts to strengthen those intentions of the 5th house, such as the ability to engage in healthy relationships, and our ability to teach, write and share. The 5th house contains the individual gifts we have to share, and so enlightening this house can draw those out. 

The 9th house; the Guru Bhava is the house of grace. Whatever planets are in this house, are always considered auspicious and supportive for an individual. Strengthening this house can support one is aligning with dharma; action that is most evolutionary and in alignment with the beautiful laws of nature.   

This basic rule of thumb, to support first the 1st, then 5th, then 9th is where we start. Yet as is the nature of nature, there are no finite rules. We always take into account the overall chart, the strength of each planet, the individual constitution and the Dasha an individual is running, and our own understanding of what will support them most.

Written by Vedic Astrologer Dalia Gencher

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