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Choosing your Jyotish Settings

Our Jyotish rings are handmade. We have curated a variety of setting styles that our clients can choose from after selecting their gemstone. Our team of skilled artisans handcraft each setting with the finest attention to detail infusing each piece with love and mantra. In a traditional Jyotish setting the stone should be exposed, with an opening under the stone, no metal is between the gem and the body, which creates an energetic unity. Jyotish gemstones are typically set in 18 KT yellow gold, except for Blue Sapphire, Diamond and Pearl which are set in 18 KT white gold for astrological purposes.

If you wish to have your gemstone set, please look through our gallery of settings and select a style. We also create custom settings. If you would like to be a part of the design process, please share your vision with us and we will create a setting with you in collaboration with our artisans.

Ordering your Jyotish ring

After selecting your gemstone, please contact us with the style number of the setting you would like, as well as your ring size for the appropriate finger. Our gemstone consultant will contact you with a quote for the cost of the setting.

Each planet is related to a specific finger. It is important to make sure you reference the chart below as you are creating your ring and measuring:

Sun Ring finger right or left hand: Ruby
Jupiter Index finger right hand: Yellow Sapphire
Moon Pinky finger right or left hand: Pearl
Saturn Middle finger right or left hand: Blue Sapphire
Venus Middle finger right or left hand: Diamond
Mars Ring finger right or left hand: Red Coral
Ketu Pinky finger right or left hand: Cats Eye
Rahu Ring finger tight of left hand: Hessonite
Mercury Right pinky finger: Emerald