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How do I order a gemstone from your website?

To order your gemstone you can do it in 2 different ways. The first way is to fill out our online form for one of our gemstone experts to contact you. They will determine which gemstone is best for you, and email you photos of different options from our inventory based on your budget. You will then work with them to select which setting you would like. The 2nd way is to purchase your gem is to choose a gemstone from our website, add it to your cart and then go to the jewelry gallery page and select a setting. Each setting has a style number. Once you purchase your gemstone online please email us which style number you would like. Our gemstone consultant with then confirm and communicate the details of the order with you.

Can wearing a gemstone prescribed by a Vedic astrologer really affect my life?

Yes, wearing a vedic gemstone helps to channel the energy of the planet it is associated with and bring all of the beneficial qualities into your life.

Can I see the gemstone before I buy it?

Yes, We can set up a video call to give you a more live experience while shopping for your gemstone

Can I buy just from looking at the gemstone pictures?

Yes, you can purchase a gemstone just from looking at the photos. All of our gems are of the finest jyotish quality and are lab certified so you can be assured that you are getting the best gemstone for the cost. 

How much does this cost?

Gemstone costs vary based on the size and quality of the gem. It is recommended in Jyotish that the gemstone is no less than 2 carats unless it is diamond or ruby. The higher quality of the gem the more benefit you will receive. It is an investment which has proven beneficial results.

Is the quality of Jyotish gemstones important?

Yes, the quality of a jyotish gem is very important. The longer the gem is contained within the earth the higher the quality. A gem with great depth in color, undrilled,  or minimal inclusions is considered high quality. High quality gemstones have more beneficial effects for jyotish purposes.

What kind of gemstone should I wear?

The gemstone that you should wear is based on the 1st, 5th or 9th house in your Veduic Chart. Or it can be based on which dasha you are in. If you need to find out which gemstones are most supportive for you, please contact us for a free gemstone consultation.

I understand these gemstones are of a special quality, but am I paying a premium price as well?

Gemstones range in prices based on the type of gemstone, size and quality. It is more beneficial to make an investment in a high quality gem if you want to receive the maximum benefit

Can I buy Jyotish Quality gemstones in a jewelry store?

Most often regular jewelry stores do not sell jyotish quality gems. It is best to purchase your jyotish jewelry from a company who sources specific jyotish quality gemstones.

Do you sell ready-made jewelry?

Yes we do sell ready made jyotish jewelry. Some photos are currently on our website, we have many more options and are happy to share what's available with you once we know what type of gemstone you need. 

Do you offer a COD facility?


Can I directly deposit the payment to your bank account?


How will the customer be informed/notified about the successful transaction?

We will send a receipt to the customer once payment is received.

Can I get a custom jewelry design made for my gemstone?

Yes, most of the jyotish jewelry we create is custom made for our clients.

How can I tell if a gemstone is real or fake?

Always make sure that the gemstone you purchase comes with a lab certification. All of Sattva Jyotish Gemstones go through rigorous testing processes and come with certification. Oftentimes jewelers try to sell lab created gemstones for Jyotish. This will not be supportive or bring any benefit

How do I see my orders and order status?

We will personally contact you with the status of your order along the way, from creation to the Ganga blessing and then when we ship it finally.

How many days does it take?

It will take 3-4 weeks for shipping as we are delivering it from Rishikesh, India.

Can I get a custom jewelry design made for my gemstone?

Yes, we can create the custom jewelry according to the gemstone recommendation. We have many options for custom jewelry you can look into our social media for more jewelry.

Can I see the gemstone before I buy it?

Yes, before shipping we will share the picture with you for the gemstone and the design that