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Which is the most powerful stone in astrology?

Which is the most powerful stone in astrology?

The most powerful stone in astrology is the one which is going to be most supportive for your own unique nature. 

There are a few components that attribute to the power of a stone.  The source, quality, clarity, size & depth, the intention and the degree to which it is supportive for your own unique nature. The most powerful stone in astrology is going to be the one right for you, worn in the most conscious intent. 

When a stone is deeper in color, and clearer in its luster; with fewer inclusions, this is considered a more powerful stone. Meaning the energy it holds is intensified, as it took the Earth longer to produce these stones. Stones that have undergone heat treatment to adjust their color will not have the same potency of those which have derived that rich color by nature. The quality of a stone, and the source from which is came will also add to the potency of a stone.

The Sattva Jyotish Gems are all of the highest potency, and what more; the intention behind the way they are chosen for the individual, set, blessed in the Ganga and worn in alignment with the intention of Dharma adds to the energetic backing of the stone; increasing its power and ability to make an impact in our lives. 

With the proper understanding of gemstones, why they are chosen and why they are worn, the potential of wearing a Ratna is enhanced and infused with your expanded consciousness state. 

The method for prescribing stones, based on the Dharma houses of an individuals chart will also attribute to the power of a stone. When aligned with the more benefic houses of a chart, the stone will have a more benefic power within the life of the individual wearing it. 

When selecting a stone, it is important that it feels right for you. The power and frequency of a stone, as an energetic tool for alignment, means that you can have a very direct and intimate relationship with these sacred gems. So when choosing a stone, one may have a more impactful experience with you than another. 

Once you have chosen your stone, from a pure source, recommended on the basis of Jyotish from its purest intention, the initiation of the ring itself will add to its power. 

All Sattva Jyotish Gems are hand-dipped in the beloved and sacred Ganga. The Ganga River is known for it’s all giving nature, an expression of the Divine Mother herself, flowing through the lands, purifying all that come in contact with her. 

These gems are bathed in her currents, with sacred mantra and infused with the deepest intention to truly celebrate and liberate; as the purpose of all life!

The Shakti, or power behind a stone imbued with sacred intention from the start of the process, to it’s very end, will hold an energy with the ability or power to truly elevate you beyond what we can comprehend. These are truly sacred tools, gifts from Mother Earth.

Written by Vedic Astrologer Dalia Gencher

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