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How long do gemstones take to work?

From the moment one decides to work with a gemstone, their energy can start to be felt within an individual. The intention alone sets in motion the cascade of support for the gemstone to start working.

Just as the planets interact and effect us by their electromagnetic frequencies from afar, gemstones containing the similar value start to ripple their support into the field right away.

Upon receiving your gemstone, it is best to initiate your ring or pendant through sacred ritual to align with the stone and really activate it’s presence deeper within you.

If possible, it is best to put on your gemstone when the moon is gaining in size. We can leave the gemstone in a copper vessel filled with water overnight. Leaving the vessel to bathe under the light of the moon is a potent purifier and activator for the gemstone.

After leaving the stone under the Moon, you can initiate the ring by chanting 108 rounds of the Bija mantra for that planet. Then place your ring on the corresponding planet finger and sit in meditation for some time. Allowing yourself to really attune to the potent frequency of the planet and the gemstone.

The best day to put on your stone is the day of the planet. Each planet corresponds with a day of the week:

Sunday: Surya - Sun

Monday: Chandra - Moon

Tuesday: Mangala - Mara

Wednesday: Buddh - Mercury

Thursday: Guru /Braspati - Jupiter

Friday: Shukra - Venus

Saturday: Shani - Saturn

The stone is already doing its work as a supreme ‘Upaya’ or remedy, but the more we place our conscious awareness on it, the more we are able to perceive the subtle shifts occurring.

Gemstones have a supreme cosmic intelligence of their own, and often the way they find their ways to their owners, and weave into their lives is ever so potent. Within my own experience, I had been wearing a small ring for Jupiter and had been feeling for some time that it was time to upgrade to a large Yellow Sapphire to support this expansive, joyous planet. I felt hesitant as I ‘already had a ring’ even though the charm was really calling me.

I was wanting to connect with the essence of Jupiter anyways, and so took on a Sadhana; practicing a Jupiter Kriya Set for 21 days. On the very first night of the Sadhana my heart was calling me towards an elevated gemstone. I woke up the next morning and the ring that had been on my index (jupiter) finger for many years, was suddenly nowhere to be seen. In all the time I had been wearing it, it had never slipped off.

I took this as a clear and life affirming answer to move in the direction of a new gemstone. The entire process was so guided, and as soon as I started looking at stones the energy of Jupiter was everywhere around me. People coming together to share in teachings, a sense of ease and abundance, and the refinement of my sense of self worth all began to shift- even before putting the gemstone on my finger.

Gemstones reveal and encourage. They aid us in the capacity to align with nature’s highest invitation of each planet. These stones are powerful and evocative, with a sense of grace to all those who engage with them. Their work is undeniable and instant, and for those who attune themselves and shift their state to match what the gemstone is revealing to them will truly benefit most.

The stones reveal and encourage, aid us in the capacity to align with nature’s highest invitation of each planet and Also Some Gemstones are best for health and vitality. To read more that how gemstones can be helpful for Health and Vitality click here

Written by Vedic Astrologer Dalia Gencher

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