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3 Metal Kriya Bangle

The Kriya bangle was recommended to Paramahansa Yogananda by his guru Sri Yukteswar, as written about in Autobiography Of A Yogi Chapter 16. This bangle of yogis, is made of 3 metals: pure gold, pure silver and pure copper representing the 3 currents of the spine Ida Pingala and Sushumna . Sri Yukteswar created the specific formula in which way that they are mixed. This sacred information is handed down from yogic tradition and cannot be found everywhere.

Powerful in grounding us, the Kriya bangle is helpful in deflecting negative energies and astrological influences while supportive in keeping our aura strong, increasing concentration, focus, health and vitality. The Kriya Bangle is a powerful tool especially when we are going deep in our meditation practice.

It is recommended that the bangle be worn on the left wrist, or upper arm. Because the cost of gold fluctuates, each bangle is priced at the time of the sale. The current price shown is a reflection of recent estimates.


Blue Sapphire


The deepest hues of Blue Sapphire can be worn on the middle finger of either hand. The lighter blue colored sapphires has a lighter energy, while deeper blue in color ratna’s will have a stronger, more potent energy.


The minimum size recommended is 2 CT.

Qualities that blue sapphire enhances when wearing

Detachment, spiritual insight, wealth, good health, fearlessness, stillness, healing, elevated consciousness

Cats Eye


Clear, transparent body with greenish yellow tint


2CT or larger, worn on the pinky finger either hand

Qualities that Cats Eye enhances when wearing

Moksha, liberation, intuition, detachment



Red in color, Natural coral is redish orange and has a smooth finish


3CT, worn on the middle finger either hand

Qualities that Coral enhances when wearing

Vitality, stamina, willpower, devotion, passion, sexual drive, heat, tapas, kundalini shakti





The deepest hues if green, and is worn on the pinky finger.
Darker colored emeralds are considered to be the highest quality.


The minimum size recommended in Jyotish use is 2CT.


In emeralds, slight inclusions are ok because of the soft nature of the stone.
If a gemstone is not absolutely clear, it is not considered a defect in Jyotish.

Qualities that emerald enhances when wearing

Communication, leadership, power of the word, correction of intellect, quiets the mind,
balances the nervous system, abundance, love, transactions



Dark brown reddish color


2 Ct worn on the middle finger either hand

Qualities that Hessonite enhances when wearing

Expansion, travel, movement, innovation, creativity

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Navratna Armlet

Nava means 9, ratna means gemstone. The Navaratna armlet is a very powerful supplement to wear to enhance and balance all 9 planetary energies.

The price of Navaratna armlets begin at $8000 and can range from there based on the quality of gemstone and size for each planetary gem selected. Our gemstone consultants work with our clients one on one to select the finest quality gemstones to create this unique piece based upon their budget.




Pearly white and off white and available in round shapes.


Wearing a pearl between 3- 5 Ct is recommended for Jyotish purposes. Pearl is a very soft stone and can be worn on the pinky finger or as a pendant necklace.

Qualities that Pearl enhances when wearing

Healing presence, strength, intuition, adaptability, devotion, sweetness, hospitality

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Because of their rarity and depth in color, Ruby can be a more expensive gemstone. They are rare gemstones and only the finest quality should be worn.


2 Ct is recommended, however Wearing a smaller size ruby with great depth in color is sufficient. Ruby should always be worn on the right ring finger

Qualities that Ruby enhances when wearing

Illumination, clear sense of direction on a soul level, material success, regality, compassion

White Sapphire

White Sapphire is a secondary recommendation for precious gemstones associated with the planet Venus. For diamond availability please contact us


Crystal Clear


2CT minimum is recommended, white sapphire can be worn on the middle finger of either the right or left hand.

Qualities that White Sapphire enhances when wearing

Ability to see the abundance and brightness of life, fulfillment, prosperity, resourcefulness, romatic relations, spiritual evolution, magnetism, high creativity, material wealth, illumination, joy

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Yellow Sapphire


Hues of light yellow, ranging from the deepest golden yellow.


Minimum of 2 CT is recommended. Yellow Sapphire is worn on the index finger of the right hand.

Qualities that Yellow Sapphire enhances when wearing

Expansion, creativity, abundance, joy, knowledge, spiritual insight, positivity in business, joy, generosity